By Indraa

We’re sure you’ve watched a dozen (or more) videos of what’s in your favourite influencers’ bags. More commonly known as a ‘What’s in my bag trend, these videos tend to dive into items such as makeup, perfume, phones and purses these women carry. We decided to reach out to successful millennial women in Malaysia who are shaking up their industries to find out what these women carry DIFFERENTLY. How do these items change or make the change they wish to see in the world? More importantly, how does it help them in their daily lives as they bag successes? These are the questions we wished to answer.  While media often portrays superficial items in a woman’s bag, we went on a quest to find real and raw answers. Let’s dive into the scoop of what these women shared:


Brie Garcie – Hitz Sabah Radio Announcer

Metal Straws, Essential Oils and Penknife

We asked our favourite radio-announcer and hardcore hustler “What do you carry differently?” and to that, she said, “METAL STRAWS!” (of all sizes). A big fan of drinks and bubble tea, Brie has made it her goal to reduce plastic pollution and so, she carries a metal straw around to accompany her throughout her busy days. She also shared that she carries essential oils to deal with her hectic schedule. With multiple benefits, essential oils are known to relieve stress, ease anxiety and aid in concentration. It’s no wonder she needs one! Brie also added that she carries a penknife. “You never know where danger lurks so I’m always ready for a fight”. A common item apart from pepper sprays carried around by Malaysian women, we’re reminded that Malaysian women are often on their guard to fight against potential threat. As Brie sometimes works long hours, it only makes sense she’s extra cautious of her safety.

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Shannon Chan aka whamonster-Artist

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketchbook and Pencil Box

Head-turning artist, Shannon, shares that her bag essentials are ones that aid her creative process. “My iPad Pro is a must-must for me to draw on the go whenever inspiration strikes.” As creativity is a spontaneous process, Shannon is geared throughout the day to ensure her art is authentic and extraordinary. As most of her art produced for clients and portfolios are digitally drawn, Shannon also carries her Apple Pencil to sketch on her iPad and get right into work. An avid traveller, Shannon is often inspired by all that her eyes meet during her travels. She carries a sketchbook and a pencil box to sketch anything and everything that catches her attention on the spot. We are in awe of how the mind of a creative works! 

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Mistika Idris- PR Consultant and Part-time Model

‘Happy’ Balm and The Alchemist by Paulho Coelho

Next on our list, is Mistika, an all-rounder that has her feet grounded in the corporate world while maintaining her creative soul. Mistika’s goal is to create a sustainable change in the world through her work. The magic item that helps her through her day is her favourite balm called ‘Happy’. “I have a hectic approach to life and my days are packed.” To stay mindful and practice gratitude daily, she uses the balm accompanied by a short breathing exercise. This reminds that as busy as a day can be, a short pause is necessary to keep our mind and spirit in check!

She also shares that she carries her favourite book, ‘Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho which is fully marked and highlighted. She flips through the pages that resonate with her at the moment for daily reflection and insight. How absolutely inspiring!

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Reshma Martin- Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Model (and student! What?!)

Special Balms and iPad 

We wondered how this singer manages to serenade with her powerful voice, all while keeping up with her hectic schedule. Reshma has been seen championing through her different talents and roles in life consistently and never backing down. “The magic items I carry are special balms and my iPad”. Her busy days tend to aggravate her eczema, but she will not back down. She eases her discomfort by applying them to her affected areas to keep her day going. This only goes to remind us that successful women have their own sets of obstacles that they deal with proactively. As she is a powerful creative as well, Reshma carries her iPad around to jot ideas and inspiration for her career. Her iPad also comes in handy during meetings with other creatives for collaborations. 

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Raenu- TedX Speaker and Environmentalis

Collapsible Container and Menstrual Cup

Raenu has made it her personal mission to save the environment and educate the public on tips and tricks to save the environment as well. Her first go-to magic item is a collapsible container. As it’s common for her to pack food from home or restaurants, Raenu declines plastic packaging altogether. “If you happen to see a collapsible container, don't hesitate to get one because they are super convenient and environmentally-friendly,'' she remarked. Raenu is also known to frequently educate women on benefits of using menstrual cups instead of pads and unsurprisingly, she carries one too. Prepared for the monthly visitor, Raenu advocates the use of menstrual cups as it reduces waste and is financially feasible! Not to mention, they’re durable for up to 10 years! We love that Raenu is spreading awareness and here in SLURP, we’re a fan of saving the earth so we thank Raenu for being the hero the world needs.  

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It was such an enlightening experience for us discovering what our favourite game-changers carry in their bags. We hope we’ve shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes of these successful millennial women and how their favourite items come in assistance as they hero their journey.