Valentine’s is coming up and a gift-giving season is as always our favorite season. By now you would have learnt that we’re strong advocators of conscious gift-giving practices. we decided to So this Valentine’s, we’ve decided to help you present valuable gifts for your loved ones.


But first, let’s talk about history! Who invented Valentine’s and why?


The first Valentines’ Day dates back to the year 496 (click here to read more.) There are many stories as to how Valentine’s Day came about but history reveals that it originated from a Roman festival, namely, Lupercalia. It was celebrated in the mid of February when spring season kicked  off and during this festival, boys drew names of girls in the community from a box and they’d be a ‘couple’ for the festival. Some may even head off to marry each other. Over time, the Church decided to make it a Christian celebration to commemorate St Valentine; a man who apparently arranged secret marriages when Emperor Claudius II called a ban for marriage.


Valentine’s Day in Malaysia
Picture by Saw Siow Feng

Yes, Valentine’s Day did have a strong religious and cultural connotation. However, today, it's simply a day dedicated to lovers to celebrate their love and each other’s existence. It has no attachment to the intrinsic ties of religion or culture. Couples of all races and cultures in Malaysia go out of their way to make this day special for their loved ones. We’re suckers for love so here are some snapshots of our favorite interracial couples!


Environmental warriors Raenu and Blake.

Malaysian-Malay, Firda and her Indonesian-Chinese boyfriend Calvin. They’re not just interracial, they’re international!


Krishnadaran and his girlfriend Tunku Emily.


Now that we’ve walked you down the red carpet of love, it’s time to get down to business.



Are you intimidated that Valentine’s is just around the corner? Have no fear, we have you covered! This year we’ve decided to advocate Valentine’s Gift Set. Put together your own basket or box of meaningful gifts for the ultimate Valentine combo. 

‘But why would I do this when I can just buy something from a shop?’ 




    Unique- Every human is like a fingerprint. They have unique interests, passions, and goals. Show appreciation to the soul you’ve fallen in love with a unique gift set. 

    Thoughtful- Show your partner that you know what they love and that you’ve been listening. Demonstrate how well you know them in this gift set. 

    Personalized- Any girl can get a boy a jersey, and a guy can get a girl a box of chocolates. A gift set is so personal that only YOU could have put it together.


In this time and age, don’t forget to be romantic, genuine and human in attempts to make your loved ones happy. 



We’ve compiled a list of gifts to include in the gift set for both men and women!

1.    A romantic gesture 

Yes, we admit roses don’t last long but every girl loves flowers (if she doesn’t, she would have told you). It is a cute and simple gesture that will make her heart warm and fuzzy. ‘But boys don’t like flowers!’ Not true ladies, we’re all human and humans love beautiful things like rainbows, sunsets and of course, flowers. Not to mention this is a classic gesture of love. Break the stereotypical mindset that flowers are just for women and gift your man a pretty bouquet to show him your love. Flowers needn’t be expensive. You could just pop by your nearest florist and make your own bunch with a wrapping paper. Or you could order it from instashops like that make the prettiest bunch ever. Don’t be pressured to get an expensive gift, it’s the thought that counts.



2.    A practical reminder – 送你一"杯"子 = 一辈子 

We often let ourselves go and this isn’t an exception when it comes to our partners. Include a gift to remind them of self-care and taking life one step at a time. This can include gifts like collapsible cups, for your partner to carry around in their daily lives followed with a box of chamomile tea to remind them about unwinding. We recommend our collapsible cup with a heart-warming message: 送你一"杯"子 = 一辈子 (a lifetime of ‘cup’ which resembles the word love). You could even gift them a box of their favorite coffee brand to add a nice touch. They will be reminded of you every time they go about their daily lives! Other gifts could include daily essentials like sweaters, shirts or just about anything your partner would definitely have a use for. 


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3.    A self-care aid

Life is stressful for all of us, so drop in some self-care goodies for your loved ones. This can include bath bombs, chocolates, candies, essential oils, a journal, a scented candle or a bathrobe. The list is endless so we’d like you to take some time to think about what object would lighten your partner’s day when they’re stressed. Get creative! Remember, you know them best. So do what you think will be most appreciated.


By Indraa Arasu