In the month of March, we would like to ask you for a small favour and we promise that it is gonna worth your while. We think that it is about time that you should start moving away from plastic straws. One of the reasons is that it is a huge problem to the ocean and marine wildlife. The video of a turtle with straw up its nostrils is one of the strongest piece of evidence that the harm a plastic straw can do. Who knows if there are other victims out there. I bet you don't want the mythical mermaid to be the next victim.  

If to cut straws out of your life is too much to ask for, can you at least consider of getting some alternatives that are less harmful to the environment? We've got a selections in our store that might suit your taste. In conjunction to our #SLURPNOW CHALLENGE, we are running a promotion so that anyone who is ready to take their first step in saving the marine wildlife can act now without putting a dent in your wallet. 


On top of that, you will also earn an entry to participate in our #SLURPNOW CHALLENGE. We are excited to kick off the event and will announce the winner of the challenge in the end of April. The winner of the challenge will receive a limited edition tote bag with all the goodies in it.