Do you smell that? It’s the scent of festivity and prosperity. That’s right fellow readers, Chinese New Year is nearing and we’re sure you’ve been busy shopping, cleaning, decorating and packing up generous amounts of Ang Pao (though some of you are probably more excited to receive them). The rat is the first animal of all, in the Chinese zodiac. According to the Chinese belief, rats signify wealth and surplus. In the earlier days, married couples tend to pray to the wisdom of rats for reproduction and fertility purposes. 



This year expect to find true love and love opportunities all around. It’s almost like a year-long Valentine’s! Also, this year due to the nature of rats to easily multiply and hoard fortune, it’s also a good year for everyone who seeks financial security and fortune. According to The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope site, 2020 will usher in mass evolution and transcendence for all. Although luck is potent in the air, do remember, failing to plan leads plans to fail. Work out your goals for the year and get into the nitty-gritty details before execution.




Do you happen to be born in the year of the rat yourself? In that case, check out our ‘How Ratty Are You’ Quiz Template to test how much you can relate to the characteristics of a rat! 

  • Optimistic

  • Likable

  •  Opinionated 

  • Stubborn

  • Don’t make the best first impression

  • Easily adapts to new environments 

  • Prioritizes family 

  • Homemakers 

  • Great at saving money 

  • Alert

  • Observant 

  • Tolerant

  • Timid 

  • Weak communication skills

  • Smart






Do note that people born in different years differentiate through the 5 elements (metal, wood, fire, earth water). 

Below is a chart that would determine which rat element and the characteristics you possess. Share with us of a rat family or friend that you know of and how accurate these characteristics are! 






1960, 2020

People born in these years are reliable characters that would most likely live a stable life. Some of their strength includes transmuting unfortunate events into opportunities.



People born in this year tend to have a rough start in life. But like many rats, they persevere and do succeed in their endeavors. One of the best homemakers amongst the rats. 


1924, 1984

Wood rat people tend to be triple threats as they possess multiple talents and skills. Their exceptional willpower helps them complete all tasks they set out to begin.



One of the smartest among the others, these rats are not just book smart but have high emotional intelligence. They tend to be underdogs in their youth but shine and gain spotlight as they age.


1948, 2008

The earth rat people are exceptionally talented at speech and public speaking. They tend to dictate the mood of a group so if an earth rat person is happy, their joy tends to be infectious. Like all other rats, the earth rat too perseveres greatly against hardship.


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Thank you for reading, it’s our absolute pleasure to have put together this Chinese New Year; The Abundance of The Rat Year for you. On behalf of all us in, we’d like to wish you the happiest of Chinese Year, Gong Xi Gong Xi and Huat Ah!