(Eco Slurp Enterprise – 002922328-M) was founded by three young, passionate people in September 2018 with the big plan to end plastic straw use and change what we see in the oceans. Now, there is more plastic in the ocean than ever before, causing marine animals to suffer. With micro-plastics found in their stomachs, which many of them ingested, being still detectable long after their death; our short-lived use of plastic straws is unsustainable and dangerous. Unfortunately, with most of plastic pollution occurring out at sea, the increasing amount of plastic pollution is not observable to the human eye, causing even more plastic pollution due to the lack of visible damage. 

Our mission is to make a change by removing the use of plastic straws and make eco-saving straws portable, so that you can slurp on your beloved drinks wherever you go, without putting marine animals and our oceans in harm’s way. Real change can be achieved one small step at a time. Through our products, our vision is creating a sustainable world starting from reducing the use of plastic and bringing in other portable and eco-saving products to our e-store to make that extra step towards cleaner, safer lands and oceans.

The small step starts here: Reusable Metal Straws and Accessories such as roll pouches and containers to bring your eco-friendly straws around are available at our online store. We also provide Services such as Logo Customisation and Corporate Gifts.

As a new startup, has already been collaborating with many social media influencers and projects. We are passionate in growing our reach, so that our mission to make a change in reducing plastic pollution can be expanded. That is why we are welcoming partnerships or collaborations to help extend our reach. If you like what we stand for and are interested in collaborating with feel free Contact Us!