My struggle with metal straws

               My name is Shyyan and I am the co-founder of I started out my metal straw journey when I participated in a community service project in my University which made me aware of the importance of reducing plastic waste. This encouraged me to start boycotting plastic straws and getting my own metal straw to use wherever I go. 
               However, not many people are used to swapping plastic straws to metal ones, so whenever I tell the waiters in restaurants that I do not need plastic straws, they would still serve drinks with plastic straws. I could not tell the waiters that they had a mistake, so I felt guilty for using the straws they had given me. Despite this, I was determined to cut plastic straws out of my daily life, so I challenged myself to survive 30 days without plastic straws.

How I survived 30 days without plastic straws
Common mistakes

               The most common mistakes made by beginners is forgetting to ask the staff to serve the drinks without straws. This is natural, as we are so used to drinking with plastic straws in restaurants and cafes that we forget that we have our own metal straws. 

What triggered me to start using metal straws
               Like most people, I assumed that cutting plastic straws out was an easy task when the government implemented the no-straw policy. I thought it was no big deal living without plastic straws and that I could enjoy my drinks without the straw and the lid altogether. To my surprise, it turned out to be quite a challenge. With many restaurants having straw dispensers and serving drinks with plastic straws, it is difficult to make the switch to metal straws without getting weird looks from friends when I tell the waiters not to give me any straws. 

How to make using metal straws a habit
               Despite this, I am still determined to completely stop using plastic straws, even though it only makes a small difference. It is not easy, because it is cultivating a new habit, but you have to start somewhere. Every time I refuse a plastic straw, there is one less straw in the river or ocean. Imagine the impact you will be making if you encourage your friends and family to do the same! Of course, it is hard if you yourself do not discipline yourself to make it a habit. Like a person who buys a treadmill to start exercising, the key is the intention and discipline to give up plastic straws. Conditioning yourself to say ‘No straw please’ every time you order your drinks can help make it into a habit. You could also start treating your metal straws like your phone and purse. Take it with you everywhere and keep it in a small pouch so that you would not have to struggle to find your straws at the bottom of your bag. Start today and be the change that Mother Earth needs – switch to metal straws now and make a difference.