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Valentine’s 2020

Valentine’s is coming up and a gift-giving season is as always our favorite season. By now you would have learnt that we’re strong advocators of conscious gift-giving practices. we decided to So this Valentine’s, we’ve decided to help you present valuable gifts for your loved ones.   But first, let’s talk about history! Who invented Valentine’s and why? Source: The first Valentines’ Day dates back to the year 496 (click here to read more.) There are many stories as to how Valentine’s Day came about but history reveals that it originated from a Roman festival, namely, Lupercalia. It was celebrated in the mid of February when spring season kicked  off and during this festival, boys drew names of girls in the community from a box and they’d be a ‘couple’ for the festival. Some may even head off to marry each other. Over time, the Church decided to make it a Christian celebration to commemorate St Valentine; a man who apparently arranged secret marriages when Emperor Claudius II called a ban for marriage.   Valentine’s Day in Malaysia Picture by Saw Siow Feng Yes, Valentine’s Day did have a strong religious and cultural connotation. However, today, it's simply a day dedicated to lovers to celebrate their love and each other’s existence. It has no attachment to the intrinsic ties of religion or culture. Couples of all races and cultures in Malaysia go out of their way to make this day special for their loved ones. We’re suckers for love so here are some snapshots of our favorite interracial couples!   Environmental warriors Raenu and Blake. Malaysian-Malay, Firda and her Indonesian-Chinese boyfriend Calvin. They’re not just interracial, they’re international!   Krishnadaran and his girlfriend Tunku Emily.   Now that we’ve walked you down the red carpet of love, it’s time to get down to business.   WHAT DO I GIFT MY PARTNER Are you intimidated that Valentine’s is just around the corner? Have no fear, we have you covered! This year we’ve decided to advocate Valentine’s Gift Set. Put together your own basket or box of meaningful gifts for the ultimate Valentine combo.  ‘But why would I do this when I can just buy something from a shop?’    Source: WHY YOU SHOULD GIFT A PERSONALIZED GIFT SET •    Unique- Every human is like a fingerprint. They have unique interests, passions, and goals. Show appreciation to the soul you’ve fallen in love with a unique gift set.  •    Thoughtful- Show your partner that you know what they love and that you’ve been listening. Demonstrate how well you know them in this gift set.  •    Personalized- Any girl can get a boy a jersey, and a guy can get a girl a box of chocolates. A gift set is so personal that only YOU could have put it together.   In this time and age, don’t forget to be romantic, genuine and human in attempts to make your loved ones happy.    WHAT TO ADD IN YOUR VALENTINE’S GIFT SET-  We’ve compiled a list of gifts to include in the gift set for both men and women! 1.    A romantic gesture  Yes, we admit roses don’t last long but every girl loves flowers (if she doesn’t, she would have told you). It is a cute and simple gesture that will make her heart warm and fuzzy. ‘But boys don’t like flowers!’ Not true ladies, we’re all human and humans love beautiful things like rainbows, sunsets and of course, flowers. Not to mention this is a classic gesture of love. Break the stereotypical mindset that flowers are just for women and gift your man a pretty bouquet to show him your love. Flowers needn’t be expensive. You could just pop by your nearest florist and make your own bunch with a wrapping paper. Or you could order it from instashops like that make the prettiest bunch ever. Don’t be pressured to get an expensive gift, it’s the thought that counts.   source:   2.    A practical reminder – 送你一"杯"子 = 一辈子  We often let ourselves go and this isn’t an exception when it comes to our partners. Include a gift to remind them of self-care and taking life one step at a time. This can include gifts like collapsible cups, for your partner to carry around in their daily lives followed with a box of chamomile tea to remind them about unwinding. We recommend our collapsible cup with a heart-warming message: 送你一"杯"子 = 一辈子 (a lifetime of ‘cup’ which resembles the word love). You could even gift them a box of their favorite coffee brand to add a nice touch. They will be reminded of you every time they go about their daily lives! Other gifts could include daily essentials like sweaters, shirts or just about anything your partner would definitely have a use for.         Click here to buy now at   3.    A self-care aid Life is stressful for all of us, so drop in some self-care goodies for your loved ones. This can include bath bombs, chocolates, candies, essential oils, a journal, a scented candle or a bathrobe. The list is endless so we’d like you to take some time to think about what object would lighten your partner’s day when they’re stressed. Get creative! Remember, you know them best. So do what you think will be most appreciated.  Source:  By Indraa Arasu   


    Do you smell that? It’s the scent of festivity and prosperity. That’s right fellow readers, Chinese New Year is nearing and we’re sure you’ve been busy shopping, cleaning, decorating and packing up generous amounts of Ang Pao (though some of you are probably more excited to receive them). The rat is the first animal of all, in the Chinese zodiac. According to the Chinese belief, rats signify wealth and surplus. In the earlier days, married couples tend to pray to the wisdom of rats for reproduction and fertility purposes.    WHAT DOES THE YEAR OF RAT BRING TO THE MASSES? This year expect to find true love and love opportunities all around. It’s almost like a year-long Valentine’s! Also, this year due to the nature of rats to easily multiply and hoard fortune, it’s also a good year for everyone who seeks financial security and fortune. According to The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope site, 2020 will usher in mass evolution and transcendence for all. Although luck is potent in the air, do remember, failing to plan leads plans to fail. Work out your goals for the year and get into the nitty-gritty details before execution.   HOW RATTY ARE YOU?   Do you happen to be born in the year of the rat yourself? In that case, check out our ‘How Ratty Are You’ Quiz Template to test how much you can relate to the characteristics of a rat!  Optimistic Likable  Opinionated  Stubborn Don’t make the best first impression Easily adapts to new environments  Prioritizes family  Homemakers  Great at saving money  Alert Observant  Tolerant Timid  Weak communication skills Smart       5 ELEMENTS OF RAT    Do note that people born in different years differentiate through the 5 elements (metal, wood, fire, earth water).  Below is a chart that would determine which rat element and the characteristics you possess. Share with us of a rat family or friend that you know of and how accurate these characteristics are!    ELEMENT YEAR CHARACTERISTICS Metal 1960, 2020 People born in these years are reliable characters that would most likely live a stable life. Some of their strength includes transmuting unfortunate events into opportunities. Water 1972 2032 People born in this year tend to have a rough start in life. But like many rats, they persevere and do succeed in their endeavors. One of the best homemakers amongst the rats.  Wood 1924, 1984 Wood rat people tend to be triple threats as they possess multiple talents and skills. Their exceptional willpower helps them complete all tasks they set out to begin. Fire 1996 One of the smartest among the others, these rats are not just book smart but have high emotional intelligence. They tend to be underdogs in their youth but shine and gain spotlight as they age. Earth  1948, 2008 The earth rat people are exceptionally talented at speech and public speaking. They tend to dictate the mood of a group so if an earth rat person is happy, their joy tends to be infectious. Like all other rats, the earth rat too perseveres greatly against hardship.   To commemorate this blessed year, we have launched our CNY campaign namely; ‘ Good Fortune is Yours 好运鼠于你’. We have two new special edition CNY designs with an adorable illustration of the mighty rat.                            You can now purchase ‘ Good Fortune is Yours 好运鼠于你’ pouch at RM20 (while stock lasts).  Though typically, gift-giving isn’t a tradition in Chinese New Year, we believe a straw set with our quirky designs adds a sweet touch of gratitude to whoever you may choose to gift it to. We especially recommend gifting it to those who were born in the recent years of the rat (1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008). Not to mention, you will also be helping your loved ones practice a more sustainable lifestyle as it helps them replace the use of plastic straws for more environmentally-friendly ones. If your company is planning to organize a Chinese New Year Dinner, you could also make bulk purchases with us. It can be gifted to your hardworking employees as a token of appreciation on top of their CNY bonuses (woohoo).    Thank you for reading, it’s our absolute pleasure to have put together this Chinese New Year; The Abundance of The Rat Year for you. On behalf of all us in, we’d like to wish you the happiest of Chinese Year, Gong Xi Gong Xi and Huat Ah!  

What’s in Her Bag- Millennial Women’s Magic Items

By Indraa We’re sure you’ve watched a dozen (or more) videos of what’s in your favourite influencers’ bags. More commonly known as a ‘What’s in my bag trend, these videos tend to dive into items such as makeup, perfume, phones and purses these women carry. We decided to reach out to successful millennial women in Malaysia who are shaking up their industries to find out what these women carry DIFFERENTLY. How do these items change or make the change they wish to see in the world? More importantly, how does it help them in their daily lives as they bag successes? These are the questions we wished to answer.  While media often portrays superficial items in a woman’s bag, we went on a quest to find real and raw answers. Let’s dive into the scoop of what these women shared:   Brie Garcie – Hitz Sabah Radio Announcer Metal Straws, Essential Oils and Penknife We asked our favourite radio-announcer and hardcore hustler “What do you carry differently?” and to that, she said, “METAL STRAWS!” (of all sizes). A big fan of drinks and bubble tea, Brie has made it her goal to reduce plastic pollution and so, she carries a metal straw around to accompany her throughout her busy days. She also shared that she carries essential oils to deal with her hectic schedule. With multiple benefits, essential oils are known to relieve stress, ease anxiety and aid in concentration. It’s no wonder she needs one! Brie also added that she carries a penknife. “You never know where danger lurks so I’m always ready for a fight”. A common item apart from pepper sprays carried around by Malaysian women, we’re reminded that Malaysian women are often on their guard to fight against potential threat. As Brie sometimes works long hours, it only makes sense she’s extra cautious of her safety. Click here to check out Brie’s Instagram   Shannon Chan aka whamonster-Artist iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketchbook and Pencil Box Head-turning artist, Shannon, shares that her bag essentials are ones that aid her creative process. “My iPad Pro is a must-must for me to draw on the go whenever inspiration strikes.” As creativity is a spontaneous process, Shannon is geared throughout the day to ensure her art is authentic and extraordinary. As most of her art produced for clients and portfolios are digitally drawn, Shannon also carries her Apple Pencil to sketch on her iPad and get right into work. An avid traveller, Shannon is often inspired by all that her eyes meet during her travels. She carries a sketchbook and a pencil box to sketch anything and everything that catches her attention on the spot. We are in awe of how the mind of a creative works!  Click here to view whamonster’s art on her Instagram page.   Mistika Idris- PR Consultant and Part-time Model ‘Happy’ Balm and The Alchemist by Paulho Coelho Next on our list, is Mistika, an all-rounder that has her feet grounded in the corporate world while maintaining her creative soul. Mistika’s goal is to create a sustainable change in the world through her work. The magic item that helps her through her day is her favourite balm called ‘Happy’. “I have a hectic approach to life and my days are packed.” To stay mindful and practice gratitude daily, she uses the balm accompanied by a short breathing exercise. This reminds that as busy as a day can be, a short pause is necessary to keep our mind and spirit in check! She also shares that she carries her favourite book, ‘Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho which is fully marked and highlighted. She flips through the pages that resonate with her at the moment for daily reflection and insight. How absolutely inspiring! Click here to follow Mistika on Instagram Reshma Martin- Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Model (and student! What?!) Special Balms and iPad  We wondered how this singer manages to serenade with her powerful voice, all while keeping up with her hectic schedule. Reshma has been seen championing through her different talents and roles in life consistently and never backing down. “The magic items I carry are special balms and my iPad”. Her busy days tend to aggravate her eczema, but she will not back down. She eases her discomfort by applying them to her affected areas to keep her day going. This only goes to remind us that successful women have their own sets of obstacles that they deal with proactively. As she is a powerful creative as well, Reshma carries her iPad around to jot ideas and inspiration for her career. Her iPad also comes in handy during meetings with other creatives for collaborations.  Stay updated with Reshma on Instagram by following here!   Raenu- TedX Speaker and Environmentalis Collapsible Container and Menstrual Cup Raenu has made it her personal mission to save the environment and educate the public on tips and tricks to save the environment as well. Her first go-to magic item is a collapsible container. As it’s common for her to pack food from home or restaurants, Raenu declines plastic packaging altogether. “If you happen to see a collapsible container, don't hesitate to get one because they are super convenient and environmentally-friendly,'' she remarked. Raenu is also known to frequently educate women on benefits of using menstrual cups instead of pads and unsurprisingly, she carries one too. Prepared for the monthly visitor, Raenu advocates the use of menstrual cups as it reduces waste and is financially feasible! Not to mention, they’re durable for up to 10 years! We love that Raenu is spreading awareness and here in SLURP, we’re a fan of saving the earth so we thank Raenu for being the hero the world needs.   Learn more about being environmentally conscious here on Raenu’s Instagram. It was such an enlightening experience for us discovering what our favourite game-changers carry in their bags. We hope we’ve shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes of these successful millennial women and how their favourite items come in assistance as they hero their journey.      

SLURP Gift Ideas: Meaningful Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Our favorite time of the year is back! The season of gifting is when our Christmas elves are awakened from their hibernation and we get to work on packing, wrapping and posting orders you’ve placed for your loved ones. This year we decided to enlighten our community by listing out 5 gift ideas this Christmas! How is this different than any other gift idea online? Well, here in SLURP we hope to spread awareness on conscious gift-giving practices! Your gifts should be:        Durable: A longer use means higher added value!        Usability: The kind of gift that doesn’t collect dust on shelves!        Valuable: Gifts that could better one’s lifestyle habits! Now we’ve established what a good gift should encompass, let’s jump right into it! __________________________________________________________________________ 1. Metal Straws Top on our list is, of course, metal straws! Help your loved ones make lifestyle changes with metal straws as this means they could simply use less plastic in an attempt to create a greener planet.  Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Be sure to opt for stainless steel straws are they’re more durable and hygienic. Usability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ As metal straws can be used only when the user requires a straw, the usability differs on how much or little your giftee requires it! Do put in a little more thought before choosing to gift metal straws. Real changes for the planet are made with repeated use of metal straws. Value:⭐⭐⭐⭐ Has your giftee been trying to make more conscious lifestyle choices? If so, a metal straw would definitely help their cause and they’d be delighted to receive one for Christmas. Check out our Candy Cane Bundle– A Christmas Metal Straw Set  (available for limited time only) 2. Collapsible Cup Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Is your giftee always buying coffee in the morning? Perhaps a Starbucks patron? Then a collapsible cup is a perfect gift! These silicon-made cups are capable of withstanding high or low temperatures. Highly durable, all it requires is a good wash before it’s used for the next drink. Usability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ If your giftee is always on the go and does pack their choice of beverage frequently, the collapsible cup would rank in terms of usability. Not to mention, it’s easily portable and barely takes up any space in bags! Value: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Just like metal straws, collapsible cups are perfect for those looking to reduce their plastic waste. With 500 billion plastic cups being used every year, we encourage everyone to actively bring these numbers down. A bundle of love I & II: Thinking of gifting both the gifts so far? Check out our Christmas Bundle edition that includes both metal straws and a collapsible cup. 3. Bubble Tea Bottle We’d recommend the bubble tea bottle to any bubble tea fan who gets their hand on them every other week! With the bubble tea plastic cups flooding our streets and contributing to plastic pollution, a bubble tea bottle ought to solve the problem. Click here to read the article on SS15 Plastic Pollution by SAYS.   Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐                                                                                          With good use, these bottles could last for years! All it needs is a good scrubbing and be sure to not drop it too often. Usability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As these bottles could function to carry water or bubble tea drink, we are grading a high usability rate for these bottles for hitting two birds with one stone. Value: ⭐⭐⭐ Subjective to how frequently your giftee gets a bubble tea drink, this gift could bring different value to the owner. Nevertheless, it definitely helps curb our plastic problems.   4. Skincare Whether your giftee is a man or a woman, show your love by gifting a good set of skincare to them! Perfect for someone who needs a good deal of pampering. ‘What skincare can I gift?’ Glad you asked! We encourage cruelty-free, vegan and more importantly, locally birthed products to show love to the environment and our local entrepreneurs. Check out this article by SAYS that suggests a list of affordable and high-quality local skincare. Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ As skincare products do come with expiration dates and shelf-life, the durability of each product is subjective. Not the best option if you’re looking to gift a present with infinite use. Usability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Skincare products can be used and included in your giftee’s everyday skin routine and for that, we definitely rank skincare products high for usability. Value: ⭐⭐⭐ Gifting skincare is a great gesture of care and brings great wellness to one’s skin. However, skincare could be a hit or miss as different users react differently to different products. 5. Lunch Box Finally, on our gift list is a lunch box! Back in popularity, lunch boxes are perfect for a giftee that’s looking to improve their eating habits by packing food from home or a giftee that’s always tapao-ing (take away) their meals at a restaurant. Lunch boxes like our first three gifts, contribute greatly to lowering plastic waste rates. Moreover, packing hot food in plastic containers is harmful to one’s health due to the release of chemical toxins when in contact with heat. Personally, we think lunch boxes are a great fad especially because of the multiple benefits they come with frequent use. Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lunch boxes can be used for years when used with care. Buy ones made of the right material to ensure that it’s safe to be used even when in contact with hot food or to be microwaved.  Usability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ A product that can be used every day and cultivates good eating habits! We totally stan! Value: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ A perfect gesture to show that you’re equally invested in the giftee’s eating habits and that you care. We think a lunch box is a sweet gesture of love.   These gift ideas are all perfect personal gifts that can be incorporated into one’s everyday use. This season of giving, may we give presents that aid our loved ones to make healthy life choices every day. Thank you for reading and if you love our blogs, do subscribe to be a part of our community that values improved lifestyle with a dash of style! SLURP wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!

30 days without plastic straws

My struggle with metal straws                My name is Shyyan and I am the co-founder of I started out my metal straw journey when I participated in a community service project in my University which made me aware of the importance of reducing plastic waste. This encouraged me to start boycotting plastic straws and getting my own metal straw to use wherever I go.                 However, not many people are used to swapping plastic straws to metal ones, so whenever I tell the waiters in restaurants that I do not need plastic straws, they would still serve drinks with plastic straws. I could not tell the waiters that they had a mistake, so I felt guilty for using the straws they had given me. Despite this, I was determined to cut plastic straws out of my daily life, so I challenged myself to survive 30 days without plastic straws. How I survived 30 days without plastic straws Common mistakes                The most common mistakes made by beginners is forgetting to ask the staff to serve the drinks without straws. This is natural, as we are so used to drinking with plastic straws in restaurants and cafes that we forget that we have our own metal straws.  What triggered me to start using metal straws                Like most people, I assumed that cutting plastic straws out was an easy task when the government implemented the no-straw policy. I thought it was no big deal living without plastic straws and that I could enjoy my drinks without the straw and the lid altogether. To my surprise, it turned out to be quite a challenge. With many restaurants having straw dispensers and serving drinks with plastic straws, it is difficult to make the switch to metal straws without getting weird looks from friends when I tell the waiters not to give me any straws.  How to make using metal straws a habit                Despite this, I am still determined to completely stop using plastic straws, even though it only makes a small difference. It is not easy, because it is cultivating a new habit, but you have to start somewhere. Every time I refuse a plastic straw, there is one less straw in the river or ocean. Imagine the impact you will be making if you encourage your friends and family to do the same! Of course, it is hard if you yourself do not discipline yourself to make it a habit. Like a person who buys a treadmill to start exercising, the key is the intention and discipline to give up plastic straws. Conditioning yourself to say ‘No straw please’ every time you order your drinks can help make it into a habit. You could also start treating your metal straws like your phone and purse. Take it with you everywhere and keep it in a small pouch so that you would not have to struggle to find your straws at the bottom of your bag. Start today and be the change that Mother Earth needs – switch to metal straws now and make a difference.

A Little Of Our Story

2020-01-02 (Eco Slurp Enterprise – 002922328-M) was founded by three young, passionate people in September 2018 with the big plan to end plastic straw use and change what we see in the oceans. Now, there is more plastic in the ocean than ever before, causing marine animals to suffer. With micro-plastics found in their stomachs, which many of them ingested, being still detectable long after their death; our short-lived use of plastic straws is unsustainable and dangerous. Unfortunately, with most of plastic pollution occurring out at sea, the increasing amount of plastic pollution is not observable to the human eye, causing even more plastic pollution due to the lack of visible damage.  Our mission is to make a change by removing the use of plastic straws and make eco-saving straws portable, so that you can slurp on your beloved drinks wherever you go, without putting marine animals and our oceans in harm’s way. Real change can be achieved one small step at a time. Through our products, our vision is creating a sustainable world starting from reducing the use of plastic and bringing in other portable and eco-saving products to our e-store to make that extra step towards cleaner, safer lands and oceans. The small step starts here: Reusable Metal Straws and Accessories such as roll pouches and containers to bring your eco-friendly straws around are available at our online store. We also provide Services such as Logo Customisation and Corporate Gifts. As a new startup, has already been collaborating with many social media influencers and projects. We are passionate in growing our reach, so that our mission to make a change in reducing plastic pollution can be expanded. That is why we are welcoming partnerships or collaborations to help extend our reach. If you like what we stand for and are interested in collaborating with feel free Contact Us!